Gossypol, the main pigment of cotton seed, is a synthetic target of choice for organic chemists because of its multiple pharmacological applications: male oral contraceptive, treatment of bronchitis, total inhibitor of the replication of HIV 1, in vitro antiviral activity against herpes type 2 virus, influenza virus, anticancer treatment. These are its anti-cancer properties which generate in the recent time the most interest. Recent work (≥ 2000) shows that gossypol is a very good ligand of the protein family Bcl-2 which is a major point of control for regulation of apoptosis. This work provides new substance analogues of gossypol. The original chemical pathways developed allow the replacement of the isopropyl and methyl groups of gossypol by groups structurally similar (ethyl, n-propyl, n-butyl, etc.).
The first general method of preparation of veratric acid derivatives substituted in position C2 by ortho-lithiation was developed. The commercially available veratric acid is metalated effectively in the position C2 by LTMP. 3,4-Dimethoxy-2-methylbenzoic acids obtained by this reaction is in turn metalated laterally by LDA. It was also demonstrated that the position C3 of 8-isopropyl-4,6,7-trimethoxynaphtalen-2-carboxylic acid is metalated by LTMP. When C8 is occupied by a methyl, metalation takes place exclusively in this position with LTMP. 2.3-Dimethoxybenzoic acids substituted in the position C2 by various groups lead after Stobbe condensation to naphthalenic compounds themselves precursors — after oxidative dimerization — to the binaphthalene backbone of gossypol and apogossypol. Racemic 5,5′-didesisopropyl-5,5′-dimethylgossypol and 5-desisopropyl-5-methylhemigossypol were thus prepared according to these methods.


“Racemic total synthesis of structural analogues of gossypol and apogossypol involving reactions of aromatic metalation”

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The metalation of 4-hydroxy-6,7-dimethoxy-8-methyl-2-naphthoic acid (8) affording trianion 6 is presented and applied to the regioselective efficient construction of a series of 5,5′-didesisopropyl-5,5′-dialkylapogossypol derivatives 3 that are potent pan-active inhibitors of antiapoptotic Bcl-2 family proteins.


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